SUP Adventure Island Tour

Your adventure begins with a short course of Stand Up Paddling (SUP) under the guidance of a licensed trainer. Shortly afterward you will start with "Paddling" across the crystal blue water exploring with us some of the beautiful little islands in the aquatory! We will also have a refreshing swimming break somewhere in between and opportunity to experience the natural beauty of the underwater world while snorkeling. It's a 3 hours tour and requires moderate to hard physical activity. 

Prior reservation for all tours is required, by web, email, or by phone call.


Mettafloat recommendation:

Every paddle out to the sea is an opportunity for all of us to do a mini sea clean-up. In the case you see some plastic or other types of waste floating around you, we encourage you to use the paddles for pulling it out on your boards and carrying it to the shore where we will dispose of it properly. Thank you!

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