SUP Glow Night Tour

Don't miss our top "Glow Paddling" adventure on our SUP Glow night excursions. This is our most popular trip during the whole day, an experience that really shouldn't be missed.

All our boards are equipped with multi-color LED lighting that creates super "cool" fluorescent scenes. This trip is strictly a guided tour, and the route includes paddling through the calm waters of the bay, on top of a fully-lit paddleboard, which allows you to peek into the underwater world and enjoy "paddling" in a completely new and exciting way!

Prior reservation for all tours is required, by web, email, or by phone call.


Mettafloat recommendation:

Every paddle out to the sea is an opportunity for all of us to do a mini sea clean-up. In the case you see some plastic or other types of waste floating around you, we encourage you to use the paddles for pulling it out on your boards and carrying it to the shore where we will dispose of it properly. Thank you!

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