Morning and Sunset SUP Yoga Classes

Our SUP Yoga is a combination of traditional yogic postures and entertainment provided by floating on a board for Stand Up Paddling. Once you've warmed up paddling a bit, SUP Yoga class can begin.

Stand Up Paddling board is actually your mat, and the outdoor world around you is your yoga studio in which are also invited the elements of sun, wind and water. Experience a little paradise on earth.

Yoga and Stand Up Paddling go hand in hand since both "lead you straight into the present moment." Both require concentration, balance, breathing, relaxation, adventure spirit, sense of humor, and the ability to surrender to something that is much larger than ourselves. On the one hand you need to be brave, while on the other, you feel extreme humility and total surrender.

Given the fact that the surface on which you practice is unstable, an entirely new element of power of the body center kicks in, but also an intense focus and disciplined concentration that raise the exercise to an entirely new level. As a result, you will be more aligned with your positions, and thus with yourself too. Come and experience the magic of deepening your breath, calming the mind, and feeling fuller in harmonization with ourselves and the natural beauty that surrounds us in the water - a feeling of pure bliss. Move your mat on the water. We are waiting for you.

The class duration is 1:30h. Please check the schedule on our website beforehand to know the exact time of the class.

Prior reservation for all tours/classes is required, by web, email or by phone call.

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