Good Morning Private tour

Are you a first timer who's afraid he/she maybe  wouldn't get the hang of SUP-ing that quickly and don't want to hold back others? Are you someone who just likes doing things on his/her own and not having the tempo dictated by others in the group? Are you in the company of a small child or a elderly person that wants to try SUP-ing but doesn't feel that secure on water? Then this tour is perfect for you. 

The Good Morning Private tour starts at 8 a.m. Duration of the tour is 1:30h.

Prior reservation for all tours/classes is required, by web, email or by phone call.


Mettafloat recommendation:

Every paddle out to the sea is an opportunity for all of us to do a mini sea clean-up. In the case you see some plastic or other types of waste floating around you, we encourage you to use the paddles for pulling it out on your boards and carrying it to the shore where we will dispose of it properly. Thank you!

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