Transparent Kayak Rentals at Metta Float Outdoor Adventure in Verudela Resort

Welcome to Metta Float Outdoor Adventure, your premier destination for transparent kayak rentals in the stunning Verudela Resort. Dive into a unique experience as you explore the pristine waters and breathtaking beauty of the Fratarski, Frašker, and Fraškerić islands. Our transparent kayaks offer an unparalleled way to connect with nature and witness the vibrant marine life beneath you.

1.5-Hour Transparent Kayak Rentals

Embark on a 1.5-hour kayaking adventure that takes you through the crystal-clear waters surrounding the picturesque islands of Fratarski, Frašker, and Fraškerić. This route is perfect for those seeking a serene yet exhilarating experience. Paddle at your own pace, discover hidden coves, and marvel at the underwater world visible through your transparent kayak.

Transparent Kayak Specifications

Our transparent kayaks are designed to provide a safe, comfortable, and immersive experience. Here are some key features:

  • Material: Made from durable, high-quality polycarbonate that ensures a clear view of the underwater environment.
  • Weight Capacity: Each kayak can support up to 250 kg (550 lbs), accommodating up to two adults comfortably.
  • Length and Width: Our kayaks are 3 meters (9.8 feet) in length and 0.9 meters (3 feet) in width, providing stability and ease of maneuvering.
  • Visibility: The transparent hull offers an unobstructed view of the marine life and seabed, enhancing your kayaking adventure.

Why Choose Metta Float Outdoor Adventure?

At Metta Float Outdoor Adventure, we prioritize your safety and satisfaction. Our team provides a brief orientation and safety instructions before you set off. We also supply all necessary gear, including paddles, life jackets, and waterproof bags for your belongings.

The price for a 1.5-hour transparent double kayak rental at Metta Float Outdoor Adventure is 36€.

Price: 36.00 €

Metta Float Verudela location

Metta Float Verudela

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